Spencer’s Berserker is back in the shop in all of its primal angst glory!

This light switch plate is composed of 2 images with corner squares of hand painted checkerboard squares with 4mm onyx cabochons.

The central image is of “the Berserker”, one of the amazingly expressive ancient Lewis Chessmen. The border motif pattern was created from a small detail of an illustration in the “Book of Games,” Circa 1280 A.D..

My plate is named Spencer’s Berserker for young U.S. chess master Spencer Finegold, who inspired the piece.

Cafe Society

Switchplate Art: Brownstone Cafe cafe-society-close-up

This image is a cropped detail from an 1892 advertisement for a Cafe in Amsterdam.

The beautifully rendered brownstone facade, complete with cafe goers both inside the cafe and outside the door.

The amazing detail, including the black dog in the foreground will delight your guests!