Cracking the Code on Etsy SEO

There’s a new Etsy Shop in town, and its focused on helping Etsy Sellers. Hello Cha Ching has just opened it’s shop doors. Whether SEO is all Greek to you, or you think you got it under your bet, but page one listings in Etsy Search are still elusive, you gotta go say hello to Hello, Cha Ching. I did, and boy am I happy I did.

I’m not one to toss money around on Etsy promotion and such. I believe in watching a dollar. So, when I tell you I have never spent a more productive $33 dollars in my life, …that is really saying something. Cat Bishop, shop owner of Hello, Cha Ching really knows her stuff!!!!

Before I put down my money down to try this out, I’d already checked out Cat’s other Etsy Shop, Vintage Beach, and this lady’s got SALES – huge view volume and HUGE SALES to match! I had to find out how she did it!

When I heard about this new shop focused on consultations for the Etsy Shop Owner, I was totally intrigued. Her shop, Hello Cha Ching is newly opened, and currently offers two types of consultation: Etsy Shop Critique, and Etsy SEO Help – Titles and Tags, in 3- 5- and 8-listing packages. The Etsy Shop Critique and the Etsy SEO Help 3-listing package were the most economical offerings, both priced at $33.

I was intrigued, and secretly leaning towards the SEO help, because my listing positions could use major help. But still, I got that real problem parting with a dollar. So,…. wanting to make sure I got the most bang for my 33 bucks, and wanting to get a feel for this gal before I committed, I sent a convo to shop owner Cat Bishop. I figured, she’d the consultant, let’s see how she consults.

I asked her flat out to check out my shop and give me her pre-purchase evaluation as to which of the listing packages would benefit me the most, within my budget. Cat was extremely gracious as well as thorough in her response. She explained that she could not guarantee sales, but she could guarantee that my items would be found. And this is key, because no matter how wonderful your product is, if no one can find it, you got very little chance of sales.

When she e-mailed me back, I could tell by her very detailed response that she spent time reviewing all aspects of my shop in depth. I also greatly appreciated that she didn’t try to sell me on spending more. She was warm and open and stayed focused on my needs and respected my budget. That made me feel like she would be in my corner throughout the process, should I purchase the consultation. In her summary she indicated that based on her review, in her assessment I would benefit most from Etsy SEO Help. So, … that’s what I purchased.

Having dealt with many consultants over the years in business, prior to going full time in my art studio in my retirement, I can tell you I was impressed. As a consultant she has an excellent coaching style, quickly establishes a sense of comradery in working on a project together, is an excellent teacher, and gives clear and easy to follow instructions and examples, and provides feedback every step of the way. She explained how Etsy SEO works through using my listings as examples and exercises, so I could see in real time the impact of every change. I learned a lot not only about what works now in SEO on Etsy, but why it works, how to generalize this to other listings, now and going forward.

And, every listing I modify, using the framework that Cat coached me on, makes page 1 in Etsy Search. I am a very happy customer, and highly recommend this thorough, affordable [and I must say very enjoyable and personally satisfying] consultation on Etsy SEO. I love seeing my items on page 1 in Etsy Search!

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