Ocean Obsession

Well, last post was titled Letting the Sea Carry Me Away,… and carried away I’ve been.  After finishing up my Mermaid, I continued painting and created SaraFina Seabling.

Bling Fish reduced pixels watermarked

SaSaraFina SeaBling in silverraFina, was named by my favorite 3-year old, Alexandra – who was delighted with this princess fish. I made her into a silver switchplate , and to offer color variation in the metal “frame” I made a copper switchplate as well.

While the painting was made with soft soothing subtle tonalities to function as nursery art, I digitally modified the print used in making the light switch plates to adjust the vibrancy of the smaller print image for use in this playful switchplate design.

I loved the painting as nursery art. So in SaraFina SeaBling in copper 2addition to listing the light switch plates at my SerraCraft shop. I added it to my Gallery at Fine Arts America . If you’ve never shopped Fine Arts America, it’s worth checking out! At this site you can select from a variety of framing options, including a vast selection of mats, frame styles, and can opt to print on canvas, or even metal.

Additionally, you can print the image on a variety of items from pillows to tote bags to phone cases… Even better, you can get a SaraFina BEACH TOWEL at this site {I’ve gotta get one of these myself} !!!!

After SaraFina, I continued on my ocean inspiration adventure… stay tuned for more!


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