Channeling the Belle Epoque

…a light switch plate with an intriguing backstory.

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The Belle Epoch Peacock Switchplate is designed with an image of a placed fabric detail from an amazing piece of embroidered fabric. Abstractly beautiful in its own right, this fabric comes with a history…

History of the House of Worth Peacock Dress

Photo above: gown on display at the historic Curzon family house, Kedleston Hall in Derby, England.
Included below is an enlargement of a photo of Lady Curzon in the dress. I am sure she was really happy to have been seated for the photo – weighed down by all that gold!

tumblr_nrpj3mBDmu1ruw5mdo3_500 (1)

For more views of the Belle Epoque Peacock Light Switch Plate , and to browse other wall plate choices with exotic back stories visit my Etsy Shop: Serra Craft.

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