Is Airbrush Older Than Dirt?

Chevaux BisonI love images…. and hunting for images online is one of my most enjoyable pastimes.  When I was working on the Art Switchplate: The Art of Prehistory – Altamira Bison shown at left, I found out a lot of interesting info.

The image used in this plate is a detail of the ceiling art of the Altamira Caves. Located in the Cantabria region of northern Spain, the ceilings of the Altamira Caves are covered with paintings of bison, bulls and other animals earning the caves the fond nickname of the ‘Sistine Chapel of Paleolithic Art’.

In following the backstory of this image I found an interesting note. Found at the site were hollowed bones, with pigment inside the tube of the bone. Historians believe the prehistoric artists filled the hollowed bones with dyes and, by blowing on the bone tube, used this method to spray paint large areas of pigment, like the red area on the bison’s back in the picture!





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