Wrapping up 30 Faces / 30 Days [February]

Yesterday was the last day of this challenge, and I have to say it has been really great.

03 05 18 Day 29 300dpi 1

Day 29

The tip for day 29 was to emulate someone’s style you admire, Well I have been very awestruck by the participants who work in ink and marker, particularly color markers. I have become very dependent on knowing I can erase… or even lift [with watercolor]. So I decided to take the plunge. I got out a set of permanent markers I bought maybe 6 month’s ago, but had not yet touched, and with just the lightest pencil sketch below, I took the plunge! I am so happy with the results… but I have to say, in working this out on paper, I used brain cells I didn’t know I had!

03 06 18 Day 30 300dpi

Day 30

The tip for day 30 had to do with overlaping and overlaying. So I drew the photo, and then drew it in reverse, changing the lighting so that both images are lit in the same direction.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 10.13.08 AM.png

And here is a round-up all the drawings for this challenge. I am so pleased with the progress I’ve made and the discipline this exercise has instilled.

I missed getting a face to draw today, so I found one on Pinterest.  Guess I’ll work that way until March 15, when the next challenge begins!





Week 4: 30 Faces / 30 Days

End of week 4, and two more days to go for this challenge. … Here’s this week’s pictures:

02 26 Final Day 300dpi_edited-1

Day 22 – From the Model

Day 22 was a straightforward pose, offering a chance to work on watercolor skills.

02 27 18 2nd drawing Day 23 300dpi

Day 23 – From The Model

Day 23 was a skowly pose that reminded me of DaVinci’s studies of the heads of old men. The tip of the day was to try crosshatching, which put me squarely back in drawing. I hatched in pencil and in a fine eraser “pen”.

02 28 18 2nd drawing Day 24 300dpi

Day 24 – From the Model

Day 24: For real the model photo had his tongue sticking out! Well, I tried. But the anatomy is so off!

03 01 18 Day 25 300dpi

Day 25 – from the Model

Day 25: Back to a more normal pose. I love the challenge of the side lighting. I’m enjoying drawing and smudging with a stump. … really pleased with this one.

03 02 18 Day 26 300dpi

Day 26 – from the Model

Day 26: Combining working with the stump and crosshatching, but ..meh.

03 02 18 FinalRev Andie 300dpi

Day 26 – 2nd portrait

I was so uninspired by the day 6 model, that I had to do another picture. This is a portrait of my grand-niece also from a photo. I really like this one, even though I can see where it could be improved.

03 03 18 Day 300dpi

Day 27 – From the Model

Day 27: I started with graphite, changed over to watercolor pencils, made a complete mess, so I got out some old acrylic paints and painted over the mess … meh, again except there’s the start of something I like in the cheeks.

Day 28:

Model Photo for day 28

The tip for the day was to layer images on top of each other to get a staggered effect.  Here is model photo:

SO, this was quite a challenge digitally, since I do not have Procreate [yet! I am considering this..], and I barely find my way around photoshop.

So, here’s what I did to make the two variations.

day-28-drawing-300dpi.jpegFirst I drew the picture with HB to 5B pencils, a stump to smudge with, and a needed eraser, and a fine point eraser.

Then I scanned it. I pasted the scanned image into word, and cropped it to an oval.

Working in word, I then made a copy, pasted the copy, and removed the background from the copy.

I cropped the copy to an oval shape. I changed the color of the copy to blue lines/white background, and made it transparent. I then used WRAP TEXT to float the copy over the original image, placing it slightly off register. I wanted it to be a much more subtle shift for each color layer, that in the original model photo. [Just enough to tease the rods and cones 😉 ]

I then copied the floated copy again, changed the color to yellow, placed it, again slightly off, and did it once more in orange. Once finished I took a screen shot.

I opened the screen shot in Photoshop, increased color saturation and played a bit with the contrast, and got image 1, below, on the right with the addition of a slight cyan tone filter and a touch of the diffuse glow filter.

filters 3

Day 28 – Image #1

For image 2, below, I used the diffuse glow and film grain filters and added a slight sepia tone.

filters 1

Day 28 – Image #2

Cant decide which I like best, although right now I am leaning towards image 2. Oh well,…  2 more days to go, then a little break before the March Challenge.

Week 3: 30 Faces / 30 Days

This week I can appreciate more and more the value of working daily.  So much so that I’ve signed up for an additional 30 days in March.

02 19 18 Day 15 300dpi

Day 15

Day 15’s model kept reminding me of the “Girl with the Pearl Earring”. I especially like how the hair is handled. I am getting better at rendering sculptural forms in watercolor.

02 20 18 Day 16 300dpi_edited-1

Day 16

Day 16 is one of my favorites. I really like the freshness  and loose execution of the hair. At the same time I really like the layers of crosshatching to build up color and form on the flesh.

02 21 18 Rev Day 17 300dpi

Day 17

I tried to stay looser in Day 17. The challenge here was the back lighting.

02 22 18 Rev Day 18 300dpi_edited-1

Day 18

Today’s tip was to speed up by working smaller … I tried smaller, in pencil, and worked just as long… Oh, well…

02 23 18 Day 19 300dpi

Day 19

So I tried that tip again with the fun photo provided for day 19, and was able to execute this quickly.

02 24 18 Day 19 20 300dpi

Day 20

On Day 20 I tried working exclusively in pure color washes,- no mixing on the palette. I like the translucence I got on the skin.  I think it captures the delicate skin tones of very fair redheads, so I am really pleased with this one.

02 25 18 Rev Day 21 300dpi

Day 2: Today was all about the shapes, – working in monochrome to eliminate the distraction of color. The model photo was in shades of red. I had to tone it down. I used a combo of rose madder and perylene green. {less irritating on the retinas}

So that was week 3. Looking forward to the first photo of week 4 in the a.m.



Week 2: 30 Faces / 30 Days

So… week 2. Looking back on the week, I can see some real progress.

I struggled with color and was so down about it, I initially could see no progress in the color work, but thanks to fellow artists’ comments on Sktchy, I was able to look with fresh eyes and see the progress in the 3rd color attempt this week!

02 12 18 30 faces 30 days scanned

Day 8

02 13 18 30FACES 30DAYS DAY9

Day 9

02 14 18 scanned 30 faces 30 days scanned

Day 10

02 15 18 30FACES 30DAYS DAY11

Day 11

02 16 18 30 faces 30 days day 12 1

Day 12

02 17 18 30 faces 30 days day 12

Day 13

I am excited to be able to now identify a bit of progress with handling color, [thanks Sktchy Artists!] and will be working more with color next week. As for today’s picture [below], the anatomy was complicated enough, so back to my go-to medium, graphite… which will leave me some time to try and clean my sorely neglected house.

02 18 18 30 faces 30 days day 14

Day 14

Stay tuned for more next week!

30 Faces / 30 Days

So I am so happy to be participating in the February Sketchy challenge: 30 Faces / 30 Days. It started on Monday February 5th. The idea is each day all the participants get the same photo, plus some cool art tips to try while making the daily portrait. Once finished, we all post our pictures online. Oh and there are online video tutorials. So far there have been two and they are amazing!

This is such great practice. It gets my butt into the studio and I feel I am improving every day. But to really see the learning curve [or lack thereof], I decided to post the pictures I’ve completed in weekly groups. Here are the week 1 pictures:

02 05 18 30 days 30 faces

Day 1

02 06 18 30 days 30 faces A

Day 2

02 07 18 30 days 30 faces

Day 3

02 08 2018 final

Day 4

02 09 2018

Day 5

02 10 2018

Day 6

02 11 18 30 days 30 faces

Day 7

Stay tuned for the next installment of 30 faces / 30 days… and seriously, for inspiration check out Sktchy on facebook , and at the Sktchy blog.

Sending this Puppy to Australia!

Are we there yet

SO this month I’ve been prepping my submission to the 18th Annual Twitter Art Exhibition AKA TAE18.  Here’s what I’ve got so far… I think he’s adorable!

The exhibit accepts one postcard sized submission per artist. The work is donated to be sold for charity. This year’s charity is Pegasus Riding for the Disabled in Canberra. This is my first year participating and am really excited to be supporting Therapeutic Riding!

Playing with Medieval Themes


Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 7.50.30 PMA perfect gift for the lovable curmudgeon on your list, or a ‘note to self’ to take charge of your choices, The new G is for Gryphon Pillow , at Brooklyn Edge of the Sea is a perfect gift for the lovable curmudgeon on your list, or a ‘note to self’ to take charge of your choices and choose wisely.

If subtle is more your style, you can always display the reverse. Or flip it over as the situation warrants!

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 3.35.27 PM





SO… it all started with an antique French button. Add some digital magic and voila!

Hello Green Eyed Cat:

Zazzle has just added plus sizes. Their print services are so amazing that I had to try my hand at plus size t-shirts.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.18.38 AM

Here is my Green Eyed Cat t-shirt. Hard to believe that image started out as a little antique silver button.

At my shop, the green eyed cat keeps popping up on all sorts of items…Like this 20″ throw pillow, with one side featuring a salmon background, and the other a blue violet background. So adorably girly!


And my all time favorite Green Eyed Cat Glass Coasters.


These coasters remind me of my grandmother’s cordial glasses, with their silver stems and translucent glass bowls in a rainbow of rich pastel hues. I was so fascinated by them as a child!

Clockwise from the upper right: in cat’s eye green, blue violet, salmon, and teal. A fabulous hostess gift for the cat lover on your list.